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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Do you clean in detached houses?

Yes, we provide cleaning in summer homes, detached houses, row houses and apartments with non-standard floor plans. You can book a cleaning via our website: specify the number of rooms and bathrooms; add floor space in square meters in the comments. You can also make a booking on social media or via our call center.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? Why do you need a steam cleaner?
We clean hard-to-access places and tile joints using a steam cleaner. We can also steam any kitchen surfaces, appliances and walls. We do not use a steam cleaner for dry cleaning of your furniture or curtains.
How it works? Do you have powerful vacuum cleaners?
Yes, apart from compact vacuum cleaners we have professional vacuum cleaners from Kärcher. If you think you need one for your home, please notify us when you make a booking.
How it works? How do I make a booking?

You can make a booking online, over the phone or on social media. If you make a booking online, you can pay by card right away. If you make a booking over the phone or on social media and want to pay online, tell our manager about it, and we will send a payment link to your phone.

Please note that bonus points and the loyalty scheme only work if you make a booking online via your profile.

How it works? How do I cancel my order?
When you make a booking on the website, you receive a confirmation email. It has links to pay, edit or cancel the booking. You can cancel the booking by yourself up to 12 hours before the appointment. If you need to cancel less than 12 hours before the appointment, contact our call center or message us on social media.
How it works? Can I order dry cleaning and apartment cleaning simultaneously?
Yes, we have designated dry cleaning professionals, so you can order dry cleaning to be done independently or at the same time as the home cleaning. It will not affect the duration of the cleaning.
How it works? Do you offer deep cleaning?
We mostly avoid this word. Any cleaning that we do is thorough. What you may consider deep cleaning would be standard cleaning plus several extra services. If you need to have an apartment cleaned that has not been cleaned or lived in for several years, or where something happened, please contact us to discuss that service. Most likely, it will be an hourly rate.
How it works? Can you bring my keys to me after the cleaning?
Yes, we have a key delivery service. We can take your keys before the cleaning and deliver them afterwards. You can also give us the keys in advance.
How it works? Who are your cleaners?
We have been working since 2016. We have an experienced team and a smoothly running recruitment and training system. We do a thorough background check accompanied by several interviews, test cleanings and exams. All our cleaners have been verified.
How it works? Do you work only in Warsaw?

We also accept orders for Brovary, Irpin, Vyshhorod, Bucha and Vyshneve at no extra charge. Our cleaners can also provide services in other places located up to 40 kilometers from the city center. In that case, you will have to pay an extra fee of UAH 150 to 370.

We are an international company. We also work in Belarus: Minsk, Brest, Polotsk and Salihorsk, and also in Riga, Latvia.

How it works? Do I need to provide my own cleaning supplies?
Our experts have everything they need to clean the entire apartment and wash the windows. We use professional supplies. You only need to open the door.
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